Development, casting, producer.

Age Of Kaos is a project from my time with Grant Larson Productions. I had a lot of fun casting this project given that each actor had to play two different versions of their character. Brent McCoy was a clear choice from the outset given his presence and his startling ability to emit a fragile vulnerability. Collin Ware knocked it out of the park in the audition process with his ability to switch up his performances in response to any performance notes. Anna Rose Moore saw a lot of competition but the warmth and compassion that she brought to the character made it hard to accept anyone else for the role. The production was initially slated to shoot in an abandoned school in the city of Erie, PA. but with crew already landing on the ground the location fell through and production looked at risk of going over budget. Having completed the development and casting I was scheduled to remain in Los Angeles and focus on the next project but after receiving a phone call at 11pm I found myself departing Los Angeles International airport at 6am the following morning. We needed all hands on deck to secure an alternate location for the intricate set build. With time running out on the clock we were able to secure access to a property that later went on to become the offices and studio of Grant Larson Productions in Erie. Having negotiated an attractive rental agreement for the studio space, locked up the talent contracts, worked out some reduced rates for cast and crew hotels, and confirmed that the budget was back in a safe space, I was back on a plane to Los Angeles.

The project went on to be included in the 2016 shorts line up at the San Diego Comic-Con, the Honolulu Comic-Con, and the Alamo City Film Festival.


Written and directed by Timothy R.Larson
Director of Photography - Jeffrey Peters
Edited by Kyle Stuart
Produced by Carly Larson, Tom Fox Davies, and Justine Lang

Art Weaver/Captain Karma - Brent McCoy
Dr. Kraus/Dr. Kaos - Collin Ware
Nurse Alex/Alexandra - Anna Rose Moore
Head Nurse/Guard - Dina Ann Comolli
Dharma/Cell Mate - Ivy Vahanian