Writer, director, actor, composer.

Before the Border is a high paced adventure thriller movie that tells the story of Samantha Johnson, a college law student, who is forced to take up a life altering challenge after she finds herself pushed into a corner. As her adventure unfolds the echoes of historic events become clear and she's left to question her own principles whilst evading the attentions of others.

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Some of the inspiration...

Despite the admirable efforts by government agencies around the world there is still a global issue of slavery of all kinds. The sex slave industry being most recognized, sweatshops, and slavery in very much the same form that was outlawed in the 1800's.

Furthermore, while progressive minds have forced many great steps towards equality there are still overwhelming leaps to be made before even the most progressive nations bridge the gaps in gender, racial, and sexual inequality.


Before the Border alludes to all these issues as Samantha Johnson retraces the journey so many took before her in their bid for freedom.

The film's previous working title was The Underground Railroad and is inspired by historic events by the same name. 

Filming took place in the states of Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina, and California with incredible support from the local communities across all locations.

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Written and Directed by Tom Fox Davies


Credited cast:

 Sam Johnson

Tarquin Sanders

Jake Turner

Kirk Hamilton